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I think you might be the next Egoraptor if you keep it up. o:

seriously!? maybe...

Dude, don't continue the series, as much as I like video game parodies, newgrounds already has a shitload, not only are there are ridiculous amount of zelda parodies, all of them are fashioned off the orcarina of time, just do something else, I really don't want to see you continue this ridiculously unoriginal series, to tell you the truth I'm surprised that parody got as much attention as it did. Anybody can make a video game parody, it just takes a ridiculous amount of hyped up 14 year old gamers to make it popular.

well too bad
i am going to continue the series and it is not just going to take place in OoT, thats just where i wanted to start it,

if you don't like it then just don't watch it
i realize LOZ has bee done to death, but as a Zelda fan i wanted to do this

someone shoot me

um... bang?

I'm a zelda fan too man, and I'm okay with your submission, but a series? It doesn't bother me if I don't watch it, but if other people are watching it just because it's a zelda parody, that really puts me off. People don't realize guys like me don't hate video game parodies because of lack of originality, it's because you steal our moment in the spotlight when we actually came up with something original. We can just as easily role out parody after parody, winning awards and views( Egoraptor has cashed in on this finding ) but we choose to come up with our own work, and though we miss out on many chances of being recognized, sometimes it pays off.

i see where you are going at
and hey! i have my own original stuff too you know which i take joy and pride in creating, to tell you the truth this was all a shock to me cuz i never expected this to make frontpage or anything.

sorry if i piss you off but i am not putting a halt to the series till i finish it.

good enough for me

That Navi animation kinda killed the whole thing.

Love the fact that you are making a series but you should also use other Zelda games for change of setting or just thier characters so people dont think you are ripping off older animations like The Real Legend. Not that I think u are but still just so your work doesnt get stupid critism and all that.
Keep up the good work and all that! ^.^

Keep up the series man. I found it a good mix of memes, humor, and following the actual game story.


I think this flash, exept being a blatant copy of "The Real Legend" by Granfaloon is highly overrated and really not that good.

The art is bad, nothing special, the animation is horrific.

Then the jokes, they were unfunny crap, if it wasnt copied from another Zelda cartoon (The Real Legend, Link Heart for the Hero) it was just olololol randumb unfunny bullshit, and even the copied jokes were badly done.

Seriously I just cannot understand why this is on the front page, does anyone agree with me ? What do you think people.

I hate freaken haters! Dude now you have to finish this series and all you haters, that will not shut the hell up, I have only one thing to say to you: the only talents you would have ever had is want your mother swallowed when you were conceived!

lol thanks

This is a comment for your link parody :

I lieked the humour, the randomness and... pretty much everything!

The reason why i put 7 is : When you talk, we nearly hear nothing! You should get a new mic or something because that was a real pain... sry. And the other thing is the art... i mean, you could get the drawing better, can't you? But anyway, the music was good, the gags too, i liked the reference to shoop da whopp lol and to final fantasy 7. I wish you do more, you could do the other 2 stones :D .

Good parody, i wish it will continue!

yeah, i am working on the next one so the voices can hopefully be clear-er to everyone

That's funny and as well as your video.
I can't wait!

may i cry from laughter over and over again ^_^

can't wait for the next instalment

Whew!!! You took a lot of heat from this Nik.

I made an update on my page.

how the hell did this get 3rd place? it was way better!

i dont know... eh i am happy anyway

im losing the patient soon

Hey how's it going friend...?
Nice pic.
Crazy Link!

Check out my sister's page.

I love Link and Navi.
I stumbled upon your page after watching it via linkcrazy101's darkworld theme.
That's an awesome theme. I faved link and navi. The story was well developed.
It made perfect sense. Keep it up man.

thanks i will try

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